This blog will keep you updated on Roy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rollerramma Roy

Roy is off. Only yesterday he worked out how to consistently roll from his back to his tummy, now today he's done a 90 degree turn, then rolled back to tummy, then tummy to back and off the lounge room carpet straight towards the toys. He often still gets caught in tummy time, and then gets frustrated, but I think our little roller is very clever. Here he is with his big sister cheering him on.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Soft toy smiles

Roy loves to have chats these days. It is a matter of talk to him and he will smile and laugh. I am going to the council's talk on introducing solids today. It was only 2 years ago that I had to do the same with his big sister, but I think I need a refresher. Roy is now 7.38kgs. He is tracking on the 50th percentile for weight.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A changed little man

Roy met his Aunty and his cousin for the first time last week. He liked the extra attention, but not half as much as he now likes his bottles and solids. Well, actually he is quite indifferent on the solids still, but he takes a couple of teaspoons once or twice a day. His Pop is visiting relatives in Canada, and its the norm to start at 4 months there, but here they still usually suggest closer to 6 months. At least by starting early, Roy has more time to get in the swing of it. It is helping his reflux a lot. The spit-ups have reduced enormously.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bottles for Baby Boy

A lot has happened to our little lad since we last updated Roy Time.

He's moved to bottle feeding, and we're doing 2 expressed breast milk feeds a day and the rest is formula. He is doing better on the bottle, and is much more satisfied rather than struggling through breast feeds with his reflux.

We visited his Paediatrician today, and he's doing fine. The Pead thinks I should put him on solids to help his reflux, because he still spits up his feeds more than you'd like. I've bought the rice cereal, so that is on the cards for the next week.

Best news is that his ticker is almost 100%. He's still got a minor murmur, but nothing like when he was born.