This blog will keep you updated on Roy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Visiting Hours

Roy is looking a lot better than his Dad in the photo. Roy's first lesson that biking can be dangerous. A thumb reconstruction and a deep gash to the knee both needing surgery. Will be OK in a couple of months.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Roy had a wonderful Christmas and new year. His biggest bonus was that he has not had an ear infection since early December, so he is much more bubbly and engaged His nick-name that Sheena gave him of Roy-Roy has caught on, and his friends, creche carers, and family all call him Roy-Roy.

At 19 months he is slow to talk except for door, car, jar and our names, but is also signing a few words including 'more', 'banana' and 'biscuit'. It is natural that the frequent ear-infections have impacted his speech.

This boy is busy! He loves exploring how things work. Unfortunately he is going through a throwing stage, where he casts off blocks, grapes, toy animals in all directions. I packed away the blocks, because the crash bang was very annoying and he was encouraging Sheena to get in on the act, which only made it doubly irritating. He has started pretend playing like brushing dolly's hair and putting its hat on. He is also trying to put on his own shoes. He'll follow little instructions like 'go to the kitchen' or 'lets get your nappy changed', and best of all he walks himself to bed when its bedtime.

Roy and Sheena have quite a few antics that they like to repeat on a daily basis.

Roy has his milk while sitting on the kitchen floor, and Sheena snuggles in next to him to keep him company.

They jump like crazy monkeys on Sheena's bed so we have to keep her door closed while we're at the other end of the house as it defintely requires supervision.

They run around the couch and do a series of 'quickly', 'stomping', 'leap-frog', 'side-step', 'clap hands', 'roll-arms', 'slowly', and whatever else I can think of to keep them going. A good one to wear them out before bed-time.