This blog will keep you updated on Roy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sitting Up Sweet

Roy has started to sit up on his own without support. He'll manage a minute or so, but I sit close by in case of a fall over in any direction.

Roy had a potentially distressing week, but he's coping fine. His big sister had her tonsils out, so he had his first night and day without mum or dad. He has also had to deal with her screaming in pain at times while she recovers. It stresses the rest of us out, so I am sure it effects him at some level even though he is only 7 months. He was out of sorts yesterday, but he is back to normal now.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A little birdy told me

Roy is definitely getting the idea of solids now. He is like a little bird today, opening his mouth with eagerness.

Roy had a heart test in December, and all is going in the right direction. He has one very small VSD remaining. The cardiologist does not put his heavy breathing down to his heart, and he has written to the Paediatrician suggesting that it is maybe a tiny upper respiratory blockage. Although, having said that, since this appointment, his breathing is getting more regular.

None of it is effecting his growth, as he is over 9kgs!