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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dieting Do's and Don'ts

Roy has a lot more spark and is more animated since he was put on Bactrim antibiotics after 2 ear infections in a row. He is more ready to smile and laugh, and more energetic as he races about the place on all fours. He is keen on getting his teeth brushed (handy), very keen on food, and his goats milk. He'll quickly tell you if his needs are not being met just so, and if his sister takes a loved toy away he'll get equally upset. He has taken to walking his scooter around the house whenever his sister is not scooting around on it herself. He is fascinated with light switches and tries to reach them even though he's over a foot away from reaching them from ground level. He is sorting rings onto a post, and is sorting shapes with a bit of help.

He has seen an Allergist for all of his allergy symptoms. He is to go off milk, soy, wheat, rye, yeast, and citrus for 2 weeks - including his be-loved goats milk. The allergist has given us some EleCare Hypoallergenic formula to substitute milk -ugghhh. Smells yuck, but it is worth a try. Goats milk made such an improvement when I switched him onto it at 12 months, but he still turns a dreadful sickly color like in the second picture which we know is not right. His digestive system is also not right yet, so it will be an interesting.