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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Close call

In trouble from the relatives in Canada for not posting recently. Sorry!

Roy has been giving us some serious health scares. His head circumference went up a percentile so he had a cranial ultrasound. Getting any information from the sonographer is usually like pulling teeth, but he casually said, "his ventricles are on the large side - that is usually where they hold fluid". My heart sank. I quizzed him on protocol on the results process, and I was on the phone to the Paediatrician the first thing the following morning. He got back to me mid-morning and said that they were mildly to moderately enlarged, and that he would arrange for us to see the Neurosurgeon on Monday for a consult. It was Friday. That is remarkably quick, which had me relieved, but at the same time very worried that it was serious. I didn't sleep all weekend, and was really worried.

We saw the Neurosurgeon yesterday. I was really anxious. She said he doesn't have pressure, but that we have to keep a close eye on him for the signs like sunset eyes, vomiting, irritability, and a bulging fontanelle. We have to measure his HC weekly, and see the Neurosurgeon again in one months time. She thinks he is just going to have a large head - its 98th percentile, which means that only 2% of boys his age have a bigger head. Hopefully it won't have any implications. She thinks the plump ventricles might be thanks to his heart failure when he was little. He is having another assessment by the cardiologist next month, and it will be interesting to see what is going on there. Roy's HC started to creep up when he went off his Lasix heart meds that takes fluid off. The Nueuro thinks there might be a direct relationship. Maybe he'll be put back on lasix and that will be the end of it. Sure beats shunt surgergy. Fingers crossed everyone please.