This blog will keep you updated on Roy.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ace little Aviator

Roy has full-blown tonsilitis and an ear infection. He has had it for 5 days, but I think it is over its worst. He's been on antibiotics for 4 days, so it has probably kicked in. He has not been up to much except having lots of cuddles and an extra nap during the day while he fights the bug.

When he is 100% he is now very close to walking, but it may be a month off still. Hard to tell at this stage. He has great laughs with his sister, and they have giggles/cackles over dinner or lunch in their own little pre-school wonder-world.

Unfortunately I have not taught Roy as much sign language as I would have liked. It is harder with 2 kids on the go, and Roy is more eager to explore than pay attention to watching me sign a lot of the time. I am doing a bit more of it now. The GP who gave us the script for the antibiotics said Roy's right ear was in a terrible state, and that we might have to get grommets re-done. Signing will help Roy a lot if his hearing is poor, so it is worth pursuing. I am being a lot more conscious of reading into his left ear so he'll hear me better.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Balloons are the best.

Roy is loving balloons at the moment. He grabs onto the knot and crawls with them all over the house. He has a major bottle attachment, and refuses milk from a cup, or even a bottle with a hard spout. He'll happily drink water from a firm spout, but with milk, he still likes a cuddle and a teat. I am still working on getting a referral to see an Allergist. Apparently there are less false-positives now he is over 12 months. Doctors shunned the tests previously, but I need to push for it. He definitely has protein issues No Soy or Cows Milk, Goats milk is adequate, but not perfect.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Have stairs will climb

Roy crawled up our slate stairs. He just took off. Our laundry is downstairs along with a big rumpus, and the kids always have a good play down there while I'm doing the laundry. Lucky I happened to be watching Roy when he decided to follow Sheena up the stairs. I don't even like Sheena going up the stairs unsupervised. The slate tiles are so unforgiving.

He is still a happy little fella despite his food intollerances which we are working on. His speech has progressed a little since he had grommets, and he'll now say mum, and he definitely boogies to music a lot more than he used to. Today, he was standing without any support for a little while. Those first steps can't be too far away now.